Admin On Demand

So you just finished your Salesforce and you’re excited to have your team start working with Salesforce. You want to ensure 100% user adoption of your new investment. The biggest factor in ensuring not only 100% user adoption, but also that you get the absolute most out of your Salesforce investment is your post-project management & coaching and who your Admin is.

What are your options? You essentially have 3 options for post implementation support:

• Salesforce Standard Support
• Salesforce Premier Support
• A consulting partner

Whether or not you choose Salesforce Standard or Premier support, we recommend that you also go with option 3. Why? Because it makes the most sense for your consulting partner, who already knows your specific goals and objectives to continue to help you in an admin role.

What does our Salesforce Admin On Demand look like?
We offer an on-demand service for your ongoing Salesforce maintenance and admin work.

What does that mean? You have no monthly minimum and you only pay for what you use. So not only is your quality of support higher, but you will end up paying less too!

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