Salesforce Winter ’20 Release – the 5 coolest new features & enhancements

While things warm-up for summer down under, our friends at Salesforce have just delivered some ice-cool new features with their Winter ’20 release.

Here’s my heads-up on what I think are the 5 coolest new features & enhancements in Winter ’20.

·      Control Which Help Menu Links Appear to Users

Now you can control user visibility for each item in the Help menu and make it more meaningful for your business and potentially easier for the user to understand.

·      Get Ready for Email Address Internationalization in Summer ’20

In Summer ’20, UTF-8 encoding will be an option for configuring email fields so you can communicate and serve your customers that are already using these address standards without using a work-around.

·      Find Important Email Templates Quickly

Easier template storage and retrieval. This improvement is designed specifically to help Sales Representatives work smarter and faster so they can focus on making sales not admin. 

·      Evaluate Each Record in Reports with Row-Level Formulas

You no longer have to export report data to a spreadsheet (or get an admin to create a one-off custom formula field) when you need to make a calculation on every row in a report. Just write a row-level formula directly in the Lightning report builder instead, saving loads of valuable time and resource.

·      Save Ink and Paper with Printable View for Lists 

Many businesses and other organisations are becoming increasingly conscious of the environmental and waste impact their behaviours and policies have on our planet. To this end, this new feature will be welcomed by the Salesforce user community.

Get the full Winter ’20 Release notes here:

Disclaimer: This article is only intended to give you insight into the new features planned for the Salesforce Winter ’20 release that I think will be most interesting to you. The information in this message has been prepared based on the Winter ’20 release notes provided by Salesforce.

Salesforce note that the inclusion of functionality in the release notes does not guarantee inclusion in the final version of the Winter ’20 release, or that it will work exactly as it does on the pre-release evaluation versions.

All purchasing decisions should be based solely on the current release versions of the Salesforce software. You are strongly advised to check out the Salesforce documentation of this functionality and pay attention to their forward-looking statements and disclaimers before making decisions based on this release or the Salesforce release documentation.

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