Salesforce is NOT “just a CRM” – it’s a platform

While Salesforce is the world’s No.1 CRM, to think of it as “just a CRM” is to completely miss the scope of what Salesforce offers today.

Instead, think of Salesforce as this incredible platform that allows a range of amazing apps (including CRM!) to run off it, all with easy integration & configuration.

One platform, with endless possibilities. Here’s just 7:

1. Service – Rapidly respond to customer needs on any channel & provide fast, scalable digital service anywhere.

2. Marketing – Speak to customers with the right message, at the right time, with intelligent marketing automation.

3. Commerce – From online orders to curbside pickup.

4. Analytics – Visual analytics, data storytelling & collaboration to power real data-driven decision making.

5. Learning – Quickly deliver digital learning to all your teams with an on-demand gamified platform, customised with your brand & content.

6. Artificial intelligence – Anticipate customer actions, predict churn, conversion, payment delay, lifetime value, & more with Einstein AI.

7. Sustainability – With all your data flowing into one powerful platform, you can efficiently quantify your carbon footprint, or formulate a climate action plan for your business.

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