5 Tips For Creating Unbeatable Customer Experience

The latest Salesforce research shows that 80% of customers believe their EXPERIENCE is just as important as a company’s products or services.

1. Articulate your vision for great customer experience – First things first, make sure everyone in your organisation understands (and is on board with) your vision and strategy for delivering a winning customer experience.

2. Know your customers – Have all of your customer data in one place (so there’s no need to dig for information). A CRM is a must have tool, allowing you to quickly meet customer needs and solve their problems more proactively as well as create relevant, personalised messaging and outreach.

3. Listen to your customers – Capture feedback in real time with tools like Net Promotor Scores (NPS) and create a culture where everyone is “Customer Service” – from call centre staff to the finance team.

4. Just make it easy – Make the onboarding process elegant and simple, and offer adequate trial periods (if you can). Ensure the WHOLE experience is designed to be amazing (and super-easy) on mobile devices.

5. Get started with AI – If you haven’t already, AI and predictive personalisation enables smarter, deeper customer relationships and support. Reduce friction and respond quicker with chatbots & self-service.

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