Helping alleviate New Zealand’s Salesforce Skills Shortage – Admin onDemand from Relationship Unlimited

Posted by: Clay Nelson, Relationship Unlimited Founder

Way before Covid was even a thing, New Zealand had a serious shortage of skilled ICT workers.  New Zealand Immigration’s Long Term Skill Shortage List (effective from 27 May 2019) makes this abundantly clear.

The list doesn’t get into platform or technology specifics.  However, when you’ve been a Salesforce Consulting Partner for as long as Relationship Unlimited (20 years and counting), you also know when there is a critical shortage of skilled Salesforce consultants, analysts, administrators, architects and developers in New Zealand.

Pro tip: There’s almost always a critical shortage of these Salesforce skills in New Zealand. 

While this new initiative announced just this month to get more entry level developers into the Salesforce ecosystem in New Zealand is a great (and will reap dividends in time) there’s been such a historical shortage in these skills that it is only a start.

Further, the impact of Covid-19 and border controls has created the perfect storm of conditions right now and the critical shortage of Salesforce skills is really beginning to bite.

Anecdotally, we’re hearing of organisations unable to conduct normal business operations as they can’t get many complex or technical tasks completed by their on-site teams.

Obviously, during these uncertain pandemic times many skilled migrants from all over the world returned home and New Zealand was not alone in experiencing this. But now of course it’s near impossible to get skilled migrants BACK into New Zealand.

Fortunately, Relationship Unlimited have never experienced a “Salesforce Skills Shortage” because our business model means we are effectively immune to the underlying factors that would cause a shortage.

Our model harnesses both local and global expertise to deliver high quality Salesforce consultancy solutions – at scale. This includes full, on-demand admin and support services for Salesforce. 

Our Admin onDemand service gives New Zealand organisations immediate access to a large team of highly experienced and certified Salesforce expertise to manage complex or technical tasks (that their on-site teams do not have the capacity or capability to do).

This on-demand service can be delivered with real-time support via email and secure engagement support processes. Routine services are usually delivered overnight to  minimise any impact to your own systems and users.

The key benefits of Admin onDemand are:

  • Cost-effective, immediate support via email and/or secure Customer Community direct to dedicated Relationship Unlimited support resources
  • Visibility of each issue and request (Case) sent to us and ability to manage and track Cases all the way through the Case lifecycle via a Customer Community
  • Full audit reporting of support
  • Pro-active advice on how to get the best from your Salesforce solution including relevant or upcoming feature upgrades.

Your dedicated and fully certified Relationship Unlimited support team will have access to your Salesforce instance to deal with issues and requests such as:

  • Managing Salesforce system issues on your behalf
  • Password resets and security changes
  • General trouble shooting
  • Configuration changes
  • Managing Workflow and Validation rules
  • Customised reports
  • Customised dashboards
  • General advice (practical and strategic).

Admin onDemand has always been a very popular Relationship Unlimited service, but in the current environment, it’s one that many New Zealand businesses may find close to essential.

With over 20 years of experience serving the New Zealand Salesforce community and immediate access to the best Salesforce talent globally, we can help solve some of your Salesforce resourcing headaches in a matter of hours in many instances.

If your business or organisation is struggling with a lack of dedicated Salesforce resources, then reach out to Relationship Unlimited today, because we can help get you back on the road to success as early as tomorrow.

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