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We deliver business change using salesforce to create an efficient business with consistent execution
As a registered Salesforce partner, Relationship Unlimited is a next-generation services company dedicated to building and supporting world-class business solutions on the Salesforce platform. We helped pioneer cloud consulting in New Zealand, and we aren’t stopping here.
Fifteen years later, we’re still passionate about bringing continuous innovation to companies of all sizes. With a local team presence and access to 125 Salesforce certified technical experts, we can assist with any Salesforce implementations/configuration and move your business forward with our Products and Services

Why work with
Relationship Unlimited?

At Relationship Unlimited, we specialise in building and supporting world-class solutions on the Salesforce platform.

We offer our customers greater cost efficiencies combined with A-grade quality all the way through user adoption. We customise and coach on time…and to your expectation.

RUL Collaboration


We work together with you and your team right from the start in our 
real-time engagement 
and collaboration process.
RUL Collaboration


With our weekly update
reports and status reports,
there are no surprises and
unexpected costs
RUL Collaboration

Accountability and fast delivery

Through our 
‘State Of The Art’ 
engagement process, we 
can deliver your changes 
in days or overnight and 
not months
RUL Collaboration


Analysis, project
 management, Delivery, 
Training and Change 
RUL Collaboration

Expansive team & local expertise approach

What separates us from 
our companies is that we 
don’t experience resource 
or resource constraints.