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Relationship Unlimited are proud partners of Chargebee to establish subscription revenues for our clients. We believe that Chargebee is the right tool for subscription businesses of all sizes across industries, whether you are just a starting company or an enterprise with complex needs.

Integrated with Salesforce, this tool provides a flexible and robust billing system to enable your business team to organise special promotions, enable your organisation to bill accurately, and respond easier for billing concerns, and make it easier for you to collect online payments from the payment gateway of your choice. 

OcuCloud protects businesses’ valuable information in the cloud, preventing security breaches caused by employees and remote vendors.

With OcuCloud, security concerns are identified, investigated, prevented immediately. Compliance audits are conducted in a fraction of the time and provide unparalleled visibility into what is going on with valuable business information.

Small to medium size businesses’ valuable information is now safe without the need for security experts. OcuCloud provides them with banking grade security that falls within their budgets. 

FrontRunner helps sales development teams consistently generate higher quality leads. It uses a structured approach to convert Marketing Qualified Leads to Sales Qualified Leads and is fully integrated within Salesforce.

DocuSign​ is an Electronic signature (Esign) service for documents/agreements that need to be signed by clients.

Using the Esign Document module with DocuSign, you can send PDF files (Internal, uploaded or generated by Print Templates) to Contacts, Organisations, Vendors or Leads and get the document signed electronically.

We have implemented DocuSign for Salesforce is an eSignature solution that is fully integrated with Salesforce. DocuSign makes any workflow or approval simple, secure and fully digital. With DocuSign, you can send, sign and track agreements and approvals anytime, anywhere, and from any device. 

Sales Optimizer is a sales transformation, and optimisation consulting firm focused on increasing top-line revenue by developing elite, high-performance sales teams. As partners, Relationship Unlimited has successfully integrated Sales Optimizer in Salesforce for a number of our customers, including ourselves. This tool streamlines your sales process, easy to follow, and provides a greater understanding of your sales pipeline and if you want to measure the success of your sales channel and revenue. 

Harvest is a cloud-based time tracking tool designed for managing our invoices and timesheets. At Relationship Unlimited, we have integrated our Harvest instance with JIRA for accurate project management and invoicing. Resulting in that customers are only charged by the time our resources used (for example if a Salesforce developer spends 7 mins on a project task, the customer is only invoiced for that 7 mins).

As a registered partner of Nintex Document Generation and Drawloop for Salesforce, such as generating document actions to create template-based documents that can include different variables (i.e. Salesforce objects and fields) and images from your workflow into a professional-looking PDF or MS word document. 

Relationship Unlimited has implemented and configured this solution for most of our clients. Our customers have gained savings in staff time and cost by using Nintex Document Generation workflows and templates from within Salesforce.

Atlassian JIRA is our tool of choice for managing all of the project tasks, customer engagement and collaboration. JIRA is used extensively in the delivery of our projects and ensures that we deliver on time and to budget. Currently, Jira is used for issue tracking and project management by over 75,000 customers in 122 countries.

Solnet is a leading digital transformation and technology consultant in Auckland & Wellington. They design, deliver & support technology solutions to transform business, which includes services like Business Advisory, Architecture & API’s, DevOps, Enterprise Support and many more.

Relationship Unlimited is proud to partner with Solnet to provide the complete Salesforce Enterprise platform (MuleSoft integration, Architecture and business transformation).

Intech Solutions provide integrated information quality solutions to organisations to increase business efficiencies, eliminate the costs associated with poor information quality and increase customer satisfaction.  We can help you solve data challenges in areas including data matching for single customer view, intelligence analytics, master data management, data integration, deduplication and federated search; data quality including address validation, email validation, phone number validation; and data enhancement including geocoding, entity or party extraction, among others.

BidFin allows organisations to pay for Technology and related services, monthly over time.

Thus allowing organisations to erode all upfront costs to digitally transform, and pay inline with underlying value realisation, negating the need for dilutive equity raises or additional 3rd party financing arrangements. 

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